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This is a community for all your game trading needs.
In this community you are allowed to Buy, Sell and Trade your Games and Consoles.

GameTrades Castlevania Game Over

You may post ebay listings, website sales, auction sites, and personal sales.
Please post a picture if possible with your listing, and your email address/contact info for people to contact you with.

You may post Requests or Wanted games as well.

Moderators bear no responsibility for members of this community, or items that are sold.
Sales and deals are solely the responsibility of parties involved.


As most of you know by now there are scammers on the internet.
Therefore I advise you to do a little research before making any trades/sales.
Check out the other persons info and Live journal entries before anything.
If someone only has a hand full of entries and is looking to "Trade you their PS2 for your Gameboy Colour", you should recognize that you're getting scammed.

Trusted User List
This is a list of people in this community who are deemed trustworthy by fellow members and moderators.
This way you can easily learn a little more about who you are buying/selling/trading with.
Click Here to see the List!

EBay Feedback:
Most people have ebay accounts now.
Their personal feedback is generally a good indication of how trustworthy they are.
So if you have an EBay account, please include the links to your personal feedback when buying/selling/trading.
This will help things go along much smoother.
Plus it may help you get the trade you are looking for.

Again I urge everyone to use caution.

If you have any Questions/Concerns/Suggestions please feel free to contact me by Clicking Here.

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